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Fanon was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, exactly halfway between Detroit and Chicago, the birthplaces of Techno and House music.

An elusive figure known for dark atmospheric peak-time material, Fanon Flowers is a unique and respected techno music producer and DJ. Fanon (pronounced Fuh-nahn) naturally gravitated to the more dominate post-industrial machine sounds of early Detroit techno and developed a style which combined hypnotic turbid mechanical syncopated rhythms.

His abundant output spanning three decades has seen releases on Planet E, Modularz, and Pole Group to name a few.

Early releases on the now defunct German cult label E- Com, helped establish Fanon as a credible international producer with uncompromising authenticity and devotion. Fanon’s musical vision confirms Detroit techno’s foundation while remaining relevant. He also provides a commanding DJ performance full of intensity, stretching the boundaries and maintaining a firm connection to the dance floor.

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