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“Gideon gives you a new vision on the full techno spectrum; he incorporates his love for the old days with his vision on the things to come.”

Anticlub and Lessismore head honcho Gideon has no time to waste. He lives for music 24 hours a day. Producing, recording, spinning, selling and above all, loving music is what keeps him busy. There is no past, only future and Gideon is setting the standard higher and higher with his ever-evolving productions. He already played impressive venues like: Berghain/Ostgut (Berlin), Tresor (Berlin), Flex (Vianna), Arm17 (Moscow), One (Madrid), Awakenings Festival (Holland), Extrema Outdoor Festival (Holland) and more

In a few years he built up an impressive discography with over a 100 released tracks under his different alter egos Gideon, The Economist and G. Early. 2008 he released some tracks on big international record labels such as Kanzleramt (Berlin) and Sino (Hong Kong) followed by a complete artist album.

His debut and conceptual album NoNameNoFaceNoNumber was already released on his own label Lessismore in 2007, where he showed a new approach to dubby techno and sequential composition. Running Lessismorecordings and labels like Grayarea, Anticlub and Minimalplus is one of his favorite occupations.

In 1990 Gideon had his first contact with underground electronic music and has been hooked ever since. Spinning records and producing have been keeping him busy for more than a decade. So, we can easily say that, he is not only an innovative and a differentiating producer of electronic music who runs his own label, he is also an experienced and very skilled DJ. In other words, he is the full package of a modern artist.

The DJ sets he plays under his own name Gideon are techno oriented and memorable for playing the new unreleased material and things to come from the several labels he runs and supports. He combines the expected with the unexpected, monotone grooves with melodic revelations, rawness with sophistication and modern minimalism with old school renaissance.

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