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a good example of coherence, creativity and consistency to the Spanish electronic music scene

Luis Cantalapiedra Vazquez began djing in the late 80s under the well-known pseudonym of Dj Muerto. In those years already knew the best choice that offered electronic music to create their session, with the that has always conveyed a very personal taste, without distinction of times or labels. He has provided a good example of coherence, creativity, consistency and character to the Spanish electronic music scene and he has always proved his music curiosity and artistic sensibility.

From 1993 until almost the end of that decade he was resident Dj and promoter for the legendary room Voltereta (Madrid, Spain), by typing its first page in the history of the national techno. This club played a key role in the electronic music history of Spain. His sets are characterized by the deep exploration of techno and drum’n’bass and their varieties such as soulful, broken beats…He took part of Dark Archives Collectivo and later on he created Altered State project together with Oscar Mulero, Pitch (aka The Zenobit3) and Focus. Dj Muerto stands above shot-lived trends.

His work as producer developed above all from the last years of the decade of the 90, is the other side of creative Luis. His productions keep to the same elegance and character, they don’t follow any predetermined style. In 2007, he released the first reference of the e-seal Minuendo under his new musical project Arcanoid.

Although earlier had participated before in compilations or had remixed to groups such as Mojo Project. Since then, he has produced and released on various labels, including Sematica, Transhuman or Tabernacle. Currently, Luis continues to produce music for his own label 0di0.

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