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Victor is a self-made artist who moves away from trends and manners. His personal music style will immerse you in a deep, dark and energetic crush with lots of energy!

Other aliases · K3rn3l Pøissøn · Slaugh†ered Sain† · Dialecto Zero

Victor Martinez aka Error Etica, is the owner of Psychoskunk Records, Producer, DJ and sound engineer as well as having stablished a reputation as a major reference in Northern Spain for Techno music.

Victor developed his passion for music and as a vinyl collector at a young age. He started playing in local clubs as a teenager as well as working for Spain’s biggest music importer at the time “Kiko Vinilo Distribution” which allowed Victor to have first-hand access to the newest music material ahead of time.

In the late 90’s, Victor performed regularly in the most exclusive underground clubs of Northern Spain such as Mas&Mas (Pamplona), Pagoa (Vasque Country), Pravda (Vitoria), Sala Jam (Bergara) where he shared center stage with top international Dj’s.

With a career that spans over 25 years, more than 30 edited records and various albums, Victor has developed a unique and personal style which can be experienced through his particular Dj sets exploring many subgenres of electronic.

He played in legendary clubs all around the world such as: Tresor (Berlin), Suicide Circus (Berlin), Contra (Seoul), Drugstore (Beograd), CÜRK (Prague), Lärm (Budapest), 15th Under Club (Busan) Reverb (London), Detached (Leeds) Tensile (Manchester), Gamma Club (Turin), Moog (Barcelona) and Cassette (Madrid) and advanced electronic music festivals such as Mugako (Spain) and Alkototabor (Hungary) to mention a few…

Victor has released music for numerous labels such as: Redsonja, Tsunami, Granulart, Pole Group, Reclaim your city, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Sonntag Morgen, Sect London, Subsist, Concerns & Pohjola.

Being faithful to his philosophy, Victor is continuously evolving; generating ground breaking sounds and new heights in techno over various fields of contemporary creation by composing soundtracks for documentaries, short films, trailers, commercials making off, to name a few, under different alias to prioritize the music and not the ego.

Press Kit

Error Etica Vs K3rn3l Pøissøn – Isolation Material. Psychoskunk.

Isolation Material is a release produced and recorded by Victor Martinez in the past confinement, where he interprets his different emotional states during the isolation due to the pandemic with his different musical aliases, music for the mind, the senses and the emotions. Each track title indicates a crucial moment in this odyssey that took place all over the planet, the first two tracks are signed as Error Etica and the next three as K3RN3L PØISSØN.

Label: Psychoskunk Recordings

Cat: PSKDS011

Release date: March 11, 2022

Format: Digital

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Error Etica. DJ Set @ Akhnaton Club Amsterdam.

Very special set at Structured Showcase during ADE's week.

Event: Structured Showcase

Date: 17 October, 2022


Error Etica - Hologram Universe (Estrato Aurora Remix). Concerns

3 original tracks of Error Etica full of broken rhythms, complex sounds and rich content with two remixes by Kessell and Estrato Aurora. This release with five different tracks that move between the electro sound and syncopated rhythms to the deepest and most direct techno.

Label: Concerns Music

Cat: COMLTD0010

Release date: March 10, 2020

Format: Vinyl & Digital

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(Year) Artist Name – Title – Label (Format)


  • (2004) Víctor Martínez – Datos Y Vicio – Psychoskunk Recordings (Vinyl)
  • (2005) Víctor Martínez & Kike Pravda (Grovskopa Rmx) – Requiem For The E-Scene – Psychoskunk Recordings (Vinyl)
  • (2007) Víctor Martínez & Kike Pravda – Advanced Logic Evolution (The Album & Remixes) - Psychoskunk Recordings (CD)
  • (2007) Víctor Martínez (with KiKe Pravda and CYP) (Exium Rmx) – Northern District – Psychoskunk Recordings (Vinyl)
  • (2008) Víctor Martínez & CYP – Neljäs Runo – Pohjola (Vinyl)
  • (2010) Víctor Martínez & Jeroen Search (Oscar Mulero Rmx) – The Black Infiltration – Psychoskunk Recordings (Vinyl)
  • (2011) Víctor Martínez – Lessons on Emptiness – Sect records (Vinyl)
  • (2012) Víctor Martínez (with Fanon Flowers and D-Knox) – Dav to Dub – Sect records (Vinyl)
  • (2012) Error Etica – The Axiom Of Coherent States – Psychoskunk Recordings (CD & Digital)
  • (2012) Error Etica – The Axiom Of Coherent States reworks by Obtane, Paul Boex and Agony Forces – Psychoskunk Recordings (Vinyl)
  • (2013) Error Etica – The Axiom Of Coherent States reworks by Claudio Prc & NX1 – Psychoskunk Recordings (Vinyl)
  • (2014) Víctor Martínez & Exium – Cider & Wine – Psychoskunk Recordings (Vinyl)
  • (2014) Error Etica, Takaaki Itoh , Refracted , P.God – HIatus – Shades Records (Vinyl)
  • (2014) Error Etica – Little Snake – Subsist 35 (CD & Digital)
  • (2014) Victor Martinez – Anything called dead consumerism (Oscar Mulero, Adriana López & Ness Rmx) – Rising Label (Vinyl)
  • (2015) Error Etica – NX1- Giorgio Gigli – Fabrizio Lapiana – Rome-Barcelona – Reclaim Your City (Vinyl)
  • (2015) Error Etica – Country Of Thieves – Rmx by Christian Wünch & Reggy Van Oers – Psychoskunk Recordings (Vinyl)
  • (2015) Victor Martinez – Foucault´s Pendulum – More Than Less (Digital)
  • (2016) Error Etica, Sleeparchive – Demon I/O: The North Gate Vol 3. – Subspecies (Vinyl)
  • (2016) Error Etica (with Cliche Morph, Pulse One and Fixeer) – Uncover 2.0 – Granulart Recordings (Vinyl)
  • (2017) Víctor Martínez (with Christian Wünch, Spora & Mental Resonance) – Structural Genomics – Tsunami records (Digital)
  • (2018) Error Etica & Jose Pouj – The Craft of Modul Counterpint – Sonntag Morgen (Vinyl)
  • (2018) Error Etica (with The Zenobit3, Pelacha & Dj F and J.C) – Andromeda – Redsonja Records (Vinyl)
  • (2018) Error Etica (with rmx by R2∏) – Section Roots Pt1. – Psychoskunk recordings (Vinyl)
  • (2017) The Slaughtered Saint – Odio y Desprecio – La notte di architetto (Cassette & Digital)
  • (2018) K3RN3L PØISSØN – Hierarchy – Redsonja Records (Digital)
  • (2019) Error Etica, Hironori Takahashi & Pelacha (with rmx by 65D Mavericks) – Section Roots Pt2. Psychoskunk recordings – Psychoskunk recordings (Vinyl)
  • (2019) Error Etica, Pedro Pina and Dellusions – Nemasis – ART 21 (Vinyl)
  • (2020) Error Etica (with rmx by Estrato Aurora and Kessell) – Parallel Universe – Concerns Music (Vinyl)
  • (2020) K3rn3l Pøissøn, Pelacha, Serkin & Trømmel – Visionary 02 – RedSonja Records (Vinyl)
  • (2021) Error Etica & PWCCA – Hardtools 072 – Hardtools (Digital)
  • (2022) Error Etica vs K3rn3l Pøissøn – Isolation Material – Isolation Material (Digital)


  • (2008) Delusions – Diffuse Remixe (Ben Gibson and Victor Martinez remix) – Delusions (Digital)
  • (2010) Mattias Fridell – Endohedral Fullerenes (Victor Martinez remix) – Subsequent (Digital)
  • (2011) Agony Forces – Traditions (Victor Martinez remix) – Lycaon (Digital)
  • (2012) Mario Massaro – What I Play (Victor Martinez Remix) – Shapeless (Digital)
  • (2012) NX1 – DR (VictorMartinezRmx) – Dinamic Reflection (Digital)
  • (2013) Tunnel – Ritual (Victor Martinez Rework) – Etichetta nera (Vinyl)
  • (2013) Tomohiko Sagae – Postgamun Depression (Victor Martinez Rework) – BTE records (Vinyl)
  • (2016) Epi Cemtrum – Shimmer EP (with rmx by Damon Wild, Endlec and Error Etica) – Nachtstrom Schallplatten (Digital)
  • (2018) Gideon – Return to Cybotron (with rmx by Pelacha & Error Etica) – Less is More (Digital)
  • (2020) Redacs – Kold EP (Error Etica Rmx) – Concerns Music (Digital)
  • (2021) Tracy – Conversation RMX ( with rmx by Conrad Von Orton, MTD and Error Etica) – Sonntag Morgen (Digital)
  • (2021) Asllan – Sad Legend (with Rmx By Hironori Takahashi and Error Etica) – Oslated (Digital)
  • (2021) Echo – Ex ´Remixes´ (Years of Denial & The Slaughtered Saint Rmx) – Structured (Vinyl)
  • (2022) Anika Kunst – Another Chance - (Error Etica Rmx) – Chapter Records (Digital)
  • (2022) Hector Mad – Killburn Station. (Dan Böhler, Mateo Hurtado, Akenaton & Error Etica Rmx) – BSC103 (Digital)

Tracks appear on

  • (2007) Piilotetut Runot Pt 1 – Access To Sintesis – Pohjola (Digital)
  • (2008) I Love OffAudio 3/3 – Buda Is Not Dead Yet – OffAudio (Digital)
  • (2008) The Start Of The Ending – The Graffic Soul – Digital Reflection (Digital)
  • (2009) The Nightime Planet – Stonhege – Psychoskunk (Digital)
  • (2009) The Nightime Planet Vol.2 – Atopic (90’s remix) – Psychoskunk (Digital)
  • (2012) Sect Compilation – Sect records (CD)
  • (2012) Surgeon – This Is The Place Where The Intellect Gets Annihilated – Dynamic Tension Records (Digital)
  • (2013) Unknow Landscapes Mixed by Oscar Mulero – PoleGroup (CD & Digital)
  • (2014) Unknow Landscapes Vol2 Mixed by Christian Wünsch – – PoleGroup (CD & Digital)
  • (2018) Various – Principia Estructrale Vol. I – Northallsen Records (Digital)
  • (2019) Various – I Am Not Fragile – ART 21 (Digital)
  • (2021) Various – Granulart Compilation #08 – Granulart (Digital)
  • (2022) Various – String Theory – Analog Section (Digital)

Live sets & Videoclips


Error Etica DJ Set · Captcha Family


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Error Etica · Alien Triangle Industors (Kessell Remix)


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Error Etica · Schematisch Diagram (Official Video)


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